Identity for an architecture, construction and interior design studio.

A multi-discipline studio who do it all. They design, construct and furnish beautiful luxury villas and apartment buildings in the Dominican Republic. 

Como designed a simple symbol for them that instantly conveys the solidity and strength of a building with the warmth and comfort of a home.

The result, an identity with a solid and memorable symbol applied forcefully. A house built with the acronym ST3 so as not to lose its recognized professional career. The basic form of housing, family and company. A symbol capable of working on any image.

Combine strength with elegance. To reduce the coldness of the symbol, the identity is complemented by a sophisticated color palette.

The colors help us to divide the three action areas: Grey, a neutral color for construction. Yellow, a warm color for architecture that is the closest relationship they establish with a client. And green, because the fusion of the constructions with the surrounding vegetation is the leimotive (the fundamental idea) of his vision of interior design.

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