Camp de l'Arpa
Caterina Albert

The Caterina Albert Library is housed in an old plastics factory.

The signage system was designed to integrate with the surroundings and to respect the architecture and history of the building.

The typeface is Gotham Book. Composed in uppercase it has great visibility and legibility from close-up and far away. This is ideal for a library as it works for the large fonts used for signs as well as the small fonts of shelf labeling.

The typography and icons are three-dimensional and, from the front, have the same texture and colour as the walls they are applied to. Therefore the signage only stands out from the walls by means of its volume. As the user moves around, the form appears to change making it dynamic, not static. Black was chosen for the main lateral colour to contrast with the building lightness with florescent red used to clearly distinguish the Information Points.


Oliveras Boix Arquitectes


José Hevia
Joan Sodupe

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