Bon Pastor

The Bon Pastor municipal library, on the outskirts of Barcelona, was due for an upgrade after more than ten years in operation. The brief required a quick and low-budget solution.

Like all local libraries it is more than just a place to borrow books. It is an integral part of the local area that offers the residents of this multicultural, industrialised area a community space which is used for a wide range of social and educational activities.

We designed a new, vinyl-printed, signage system that made use of the supports of the previous system, extending some and adding new ones in kep locations. 

The result is a friendly design based on a linear template that makes use of a simple typography.  Colours have been added to differentiate the floor levels and, overall, legibility has been greatly improved. Using the same system to provide a space for posters not only gives design consistency but more importantly keeps the walls tidier and makes the information easier to access.  

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