Indians a Sant Pere de Ribes

Graphic identity for a local museum project: Americanos. Indians a Sant Pere de Ribes.

This exhibition explores the return of the colonial locals who went to "make the Americas". To evoke this period the centre's brand uses a deco-style uppercase typography of the type that was extensively used on posters and magazine covers of the era.

The graphic setting makes use of the colour white, which was predominant in the Indians' clothing, through large panels where colour is introduced in a subtle way with the headlines in blue.

To commemorate the opulent lifestyle that the Indians brought back to Sant Pere de Ribes, the typographic compositions are elegant, using the same typography of the brand but in a serif version, and are combined with images and objects of the time.

The identity of the centre is complemented by the use of materials that play with the pastel colours visible in the decoration of Indian houses.



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