How we work

At Cómo we believe that the way we work with you is as important as the work we do for you. We know that our clients have come to us for our creativity but we also understand that the creative process needs to be not only flexible and professional but enjoyable.

We are a small design studio in central Barcelona. Our size makes us personal, our years in the industry make us experienced and our network of collaborators makes us adaptable to the exact requirements of every type of design project. We believe in working closely with our clients and, above all, in listening to what they want and what they need. Our clients appreciate the special attention and care that only a small studio can give, and that we are versatile in the way we work and the work we do.

How we got here

Susana Catalán started in advertising before she decided that graphic design was what interested her the most. Before founding Como Design in 2014 she had worked in Barcelona based design studios such as Summa Brand Consultancy, Enric Aguilera Asociados and Marnich Associates. Susana currently teaches at the Barcelona School of Creativity and has previously taught at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University.

Anna Sodupe has worked as a graphic designer in Barcelona, Beijing and Berlin both on her own projects and for companys such as Summa Brand Consultancy, Grafica, Cla-se and Marnich Associates She teaches at the Barcelona School of Creativity and has taught at IED Istituto Europeo di Design. 

How we can make a difference

How you present yourself to the world is how the world will judge how well you do what you do. A good image won't make you work better but it will change how people see you. It's a chance to not only convey your professionalism but your values. In an age when people make instant decisions, it's vital that the ones they make about you are positive. We will help you show your business in the best possible way so you can make it grow.